You can earn on other business.

It's not obligatory at all to try to build own business, after all if to trust statistics, only 3% of businessmen bring the begun business to the good income. The bulk of businessmen gets only experience. At the same moment at someone business grows up and makes enviable profit. Only also know - renew current asset's and capture the income.

We are BeeOn teem,we have successfully engaged in trade business since 2014. Daily we prime new position's of goods in sale and daily we gain income on each sold unit. You can join our "marketable machine" and get daily profit on sales of the chosen good's.

So,that you could get profit, it's enough to make three thing's:

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But chances are absolutely at each active user platform BeeOn

Today, January 17, 2017, there is a special exhibition on the site - Lot with…


Dear partners! We draw your attention to the fact that we have a system of motivation for your participation in the platform's development. Share your…


Good value - a useful thing. So we went to the New Year holidays for the benefit - some new ideas and a lot of…


Hello, dear partners! We would like to share with you the results of our work, and the work has been done! And congratulate you on…


How long have you wanted to buy a new Iphone? 3D glasses? The camcorder Go pro? With the help of the Commodity Systems you can…


Hello dear friends and partners!

It seems that both sides really are satisfied and increasingly getting used to each other. For nearly three months, we use…


Dear partners, please, payyour attention to the factthat the siteis available a newpayment systemPerfect Money, to make itmuch easierto performmonetarytransactionsand, in General,to use the site.


Dear friends, we tested for a month BeeOn, to use the site was comfortable and did not arise in the process of system errors. Everything…


We integrate payment system. At present, developers are working on setting up the payment system and its integration with the site.


Beeon available Russian-speaking and English-speaking population. Within two months from the start, we will prepare the site for use in other major countries.

To support our…

It began testing resource. For full test will take about two weeks. During this time, our experts are convinced in the smooth operation of the…

Selected payment system, Payeer. It best meets the needs of our investors. For us it is the most appropriate methods for the conversion of those…

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What beeOn

The "Platform Beeon" is a technical capability to join an existing trade business which our team has worked for 2 years. The high dynamics of trade market stimulated us to create this service as a high grade p2b platform where anyone can join our trade turnover, to get an income with us and to share risks about which every user is notified in the user agreement.

If the majority of businessmen who are engaged in the trade business in Russia use the products of the foreign manufacture (most of China), we began our own manufacturing successfully entered the trade and displayed the high sales. This (and some more significant factors we will tell our users online) allows to increase circulate assets by a factor of hundreds.

We analyzed the market of the capital investment projects and identified an interesting fact: there is a lack of fair projects and honest people. The majority of companies and projects create world-shaking crowdfunding conceptions keeping The Ponzi schemes back. On the background of such beautiful legends and sounding terminologies our conception looks simple, but the power is in the truth, and the truth is always sounds easier than lies.

This is our feature - we are not creating global communities or uniting the world (for 5-7 months only). We do our business with a big interest, and we do income business and give an opportunity to join us to anyone. But before you join and earn money with Beeon, make sure we really pay people profit. Use any social network (YouTube for instance) and type a search phrase: "beeon users' feedback". Our guarantee is a feedback of real people.

Beeon team is a combination of offline and online businessmen who are acting in common interests and rely on human values.